Our Technology

Our proprietary technology provides advantageous insights through media forensics, we truly have an unfair advantage into what actually influences and ultimately determines the consumers buying habits.


Our 4th generation and one of the most advanced tracking, reporting and activation technologies which enables us to get a cross sectional view of your entire marketing campaigns. For the first time ever, source level optimization (even down to the click) can be accomplished . ExactTrack offers many of the features you would expect in a performance tuned direct marketing technology:

First ever Lead Aggregator Management System
Easily connect hundreds of publishers and sub publisher performance to your backend conversion data
  • Detailed (publisher, sub publisher, click) vendor level data
  • Customized alerts: Budget, lead flow, appointments, sales, etc.
  • Connect vendor front end data to client back end data
  • Demographic segmentation (down to the zip code)
  • Data scrubbing and validation
  • Lead duplication management
  • Proprietary algorithm which leverages customer data to match the most appropriate lead opportunity
  • Identify best converting ads, not simply the ones with the best Click Thru Rates

Let us put our money where our mouth is!

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