About Exact Customer

It’s almost diabolical — we truly have an unfair advantage into what actually influences and ultimately determines the consumers buying habits.

Constantly Reinventing

Our roots (since 2002) have been blending the art and science of direct response digital advertising. Throughout our time in the digital space, we've managed over 2,000 campaigns across all digital channels (SEM, SEO, Display, Affiliate, Lead Aggregators, etc.). Over the past five years we started seeing more and more clients starting to use lead aggregators but managing them was a real challenge. How to manage 5+ vendors all using various publishers and sub publishers, dealing with make goods, vendor optimization and how to match back each partners front end performance to our clients back end success metrics were all challenging. That's why we started Exact Customer!

Constantly Refining

Our long term success in this channel is because of two main reasons: Lead Aggregators feed us individual source level information and clients feed us back end conversion data which we connect to the vendor data. We've taken a channel that is often overlooked and/or underutilized because of the work needed and made it into a successful long term and profitable channel for our clients.

Let us put our money where our mouth is!

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